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List of UK Bumble Bees

Bombus barbutellus (Kirby, 1802)Barbut's Cuckoo-bee
Bombus bohemicus (Seidl, 1837)Gipsy Cuckoo-bee
Bombus campestris (Panzer, 1800)Field Cuckoo-bee
Bombus cullumanus (Kirby, 1802)Cullum's Humble-bee
Bombus distinguendus Morawitz, 1869Great Yellow Humble-bee
Bombus hortorum (Linnaeus, 1761)Small Garden Humble-bee
Bombus humilis Illiger, 1806Brown-banded Carder-bee
Bombus hypnorum (Linnaeus, 1758)New garden bumblebee
Bombus jonellus (Kirby, 1802)Heath Humble-bee
Bombus lapidarius (Linnaeus, 1758)Red-tailed Bumblebee
Bombus lucorum (Linnaeus, 1761)White-tailed Bumble Bee
Bombus monticola Smith, 1849Mountain Humble-bee
Bombus muscorum (Linnaeus, 1758)Large Carder-bee
Bombus pascuorum (Scopoli, 1763)Common Carder-bee
Bombus pomorum (Panzer, 1805)Apple Humble-bee
Bombus pratorum (Linnaeus, 1761)Early Bumblebee
Bombus ruderarius (Müller, 1776)Red-shanked Carder-bee
Bombus ruderatus (Fabricius, 1775)Large Garden Humble-bee
Bombus rupestris (Fabricius, 1793)Hill Cuckoo-bee
Bombus soroeensis (Fabricius, 1777)Ilfracombe Humble-bee
Bombus subterraneus (Linnaeus, 1758)Short-haired Humble-bee
Bombus sylvarum (Linnaeus, 1761)Shrill Carder-bee
Bombus sylvestris (Lepeletier, 1833)Four-coloured Cuckoo-bee
Bombus terrestris (Linnaeus, 1758)Buff-tailed Bumblebee
Bombus vestalis (Geoffroy in Fourcroy, 1785)Vestal Cuckoo-bee

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