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[Patton's Tiger]
Patton's Tiger
2013-07-03 it
227kB 597x781
[micro moth Cynaeda dentalis]
micro moth Cynaeda dentalis
2013-07-05 it
152kB 637x449
[Large White-faced Darter]
Large White-faced Darter
2015-06-29 se
133kB 991x681
[Sparrowhawk finishing meal of Collared Dove]
Sparrowhawk finishing meal of ...
2009-11-28 gb
562kB 2408x1605 66kB 780x520
[Poplar Admiral]
Poplar Admiral
2015-07-03 se
131kB 911x571
[Black Woodpecker]
Black Woodpecker
2015-07-02 se
185kB 736x881
[conehead mantis Empusa pennata]
conehead mantis Empusa pennata
2014-10-11 es
148kB 612x745
[Mediterranean Chameleon]
Mediterranean Chameleon
2014-10-09 es
218kB 806x769
[Alpine Dark Bush-cricket, Pholidoptera aptera]
Alpine Dark Bush-cricket, Phol...
2013-07-05 it
210kB 1075x797 159kB 780x578
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