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Amphipyra berbera - Svensson's Copper Underwing

Amphipyra berbera Rungs, 1949 [dbid 17977 ABH 73.063 Bradley 2298 European 9308]
Synonyms: Pyramidcampa berbera
Vernacular names: EN: Svensson's Copper Underwing DA: Berber-Pyramideugle DE: Svenssons Pyramideneule FR: la Berbère NL: schijn-piramidevlinder SK: Blyšťavka orgovánová
Image 10341 2010-09-20
Bramingham, Luton, Bedfordshire, GB

[Amphipyra berbera][Amphipyra berbera]Image 13166 2012-08-13
Bramingham, Luton, Bedfordshire, GB

Image 19723 0000-00-00
München, Bayern, DE

[Amphipyra berbera][Amphipyra berbera]Image 13687 2011-05-03


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Amphipyra berbera berbera Rungs, 1949 [dbid 152347 ABH 73.063]
Amphipyra berbera svenssoni Fletcher, 1968 [dbid 119701 ABH 73.063]
Occurs throughout the British Isles.

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